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Our consultants can work throughout the UK & Ireland.

If you would like to discuss a particular individual or case then please contact us.

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Our People

Our skilled consultants have years of experiance working exclusively in the special needs arena.

We are able to identify issues and make costed recommendations as to where technology can help to address and overcome disability related problems.

All our consultants are extremely familiar with the litigation process and understand the needs of Personal Injury Lawyers.

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What We Do

Steve Martin Associates (SMA) is the premier provider of technology assessments for litigation in the UK.

We have substantial experience in dealing with a wide range of claims, from serious injuries to smaller claims. We regularly work with the country's leading law firms to assess and quantify a client's needs: for example following a birth injury, undiagnosed congenital disorder, industrial or road traffic accident.

SMA’s consultants have a long history of producing litigation reports that conform to the requirements of Part 35, receiving instructions to produce single expert or joint reports not purely focused on ‘special needs technology', but taking a broader approach to encompass any technology that would play an important or vital part in an individual’s life.

We are highly regarded among Lawyers and Barristers; working closely with personal injury and medical negligence firms to quantify claims, whilst also working as part of a wider team of experts across many disciplines including . These may include Care, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language and Accommodation professionals.

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